Provo River Trail Bridge Detour

The Provo River Parkway Trail will be closed near the I-15 underpass for renovations as a part of the ongoing freeway construction. An alternate route is provided until the project’s expected completion in 2012.

The Utah Departmnet of Transportation explains:

Through summer 2012, the trail will be closed at I-15 while crews expand I-15 and rebuild the freeway bridges over the trail. This closure is in place for trail-user safety. I-15 CORE worked with Provo City to develop an improved, well-marked alternate route for trail users during I-15 construction. Once work is complete, users will have improved height clearance and a lighted 10-foot-wide trail under-crossing.

The two year wait is certainly disheartening. But, we’re looking forward to the improved width, highth, and lighting of the trail crossing.

If anyone uses the alternate route, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Email us at:

Tour de Habitat Ride

We just received news about an exiting benefit ride planned by the friendly folks of Habitat for Humanity:

Here’s a chance to enjoy a fun bike ride, support a great cause, enjoy a barbecue dinner, attend an Owlz baseball game and watch a fireworks display, all in the same afternoon/evening.

The second annual Tour de Habitat bike ride will be held Saturday, August 21.  The event will begin at the UVU Events Center parking lot.  Ride distances will be 10, 20 and 40 miles.  There’s even a one-mile ride for kids and families.  Dinner will be served beginning at 5:30 p.m., and the Owlz game begins at 7 p.m.  A fireworks display will follow the baseball game.

Cost for the event is $20 for individuals, $50 for families and $5 for kids.  All participants will receive a pair of biking socks, dinner, an Owlz ticket and food and drink along the bike route.  All proceeds go to support Habitat for Humanity. You can register on-line for the event at Continue reading

Car-Free Whitmore Family and BikeProvo in the Deseret News

This week our very own Whitmore family was featured in the Deseret News. The article, Car-Free Family Advocates for Cycling, shares the story of how bike committee chairman Zac, his wife Krysta, and daughter Karen have given up cars in favor of using bikes as transportation.

It gives a great overview of how a family can go to work, run errands, get groceries, transport children, and have fun, all on two wheels.

Zac also gives a shout-out to Mayor Curtis and his bicycle challenge as well as the famous monthly Provelo Picnics. Take a look at the article and, if you feel so inclined, leave a kind comment or two to congratulate the Whitmore family.

Vintage Bike Show a Success

Last weekend my husband and I checked out the first annual Krawdaddy Vintage Bike Show and Swap Meet in Spanish Fork. Although this new show was small and held in a front yard, it was a treasure trove of gorgeous vintage bicycles.

There was everything from re-painted cruisers to fully restored electric bikes. There were even child-sized pedal cars. The event was put on by David Davis, a bike-enthusiast that developed a love for restoring older models after receiving his first old bike in a trade with a neighbor.

David plans on making the vintage bicycle show a yearly event, with even more amazing bikes next time. If you love all things retro, the bike show is definitely a new tradition to get excited about!

Ride Report 7/19-7/26 Share Your Cycling Experience.

Come on, you know you’ve had some sort of biking experience this week. Go somewhere fun? Find a new path? Get into some trouble on the road? Run over a squirrel? No matter how big or small, we want to hear about your cycling week. Help make this feature successful by writing a comment!


What a beautiful summer week it was especially for bike riding! I saw so many cyclists on the road this week and it was definitely a welcome sight! For my report this week I am just reporting on a simple ride I went on with someone special.  I was able to take my wife out on a date this week.  We rode slow and talked about how beautiful Provo was.  We talked about how great it will be (in the near future) to hop on the train and head up to Salt Lake. We arrived at the movie theater and parked right next to the entrance of the mall. There was no driving around looking for open parking just a quick lock up and we were able to head into the movie.  We saw Inception (it was AWESOME). It turned out to be a great day, and I was reminded of how wonderful a 2 mile bike ride can be with someone special. I had another ride this last week that ended up in an injured hand so this post will stay short. However, if you go back to last weeks ride report Brad basically challenged everyone here to a duel. How will you answer? Either way make it a good week and do not miss Provelo on Saturday.

Provo Employees Ride Bicycles in Clear the Air Challenge

Provo City employees have been riding their bikes on errands and commutes as they compete in this year’s Clear the Air Challenge.

Following in the footsteps of Mayor Curtis (who challenged all Provo residents to ride their bikes this month), employees have been keeping track of their hours spent spent riding and emissions saved.

The Daily Herald reports:

“The advantages of riding a bike to work or on errands isn’t just about gasoline and emissions. Provo Mayor John Curtis says he enjoys his time on the bike.

‘Riding my bike to work is a great way to clear my head in the morning and work out any kinks in my day on the way home. The mountains, blue sky and tree-lined streets all look a little better from a bike seat than they do from a car seat,’ Curtis said.”

A shout out to Jenny Starley who has saved the most car miles in the competition so far. And, a huge congratulations to all of the employees that are setting a good example for Provo! Please take a few seconds to leave a comment of support on the Daily Herald article.

Provo Bicycle Committee Presents Bike-Friendly Ideas to Provo City Council

This Tuesday the Provo Bicycle Committee ( was invited to present their progress and ideas at the city council study meeting. Committee chairman Zac Whitmore did an excellent job of giving an update on the many Committee projects and getting the council members excited about the need for a bicycle and pedestrian map in the general plan.

Zac showed a photo presentation of many of the Committee’s best events including bike tune-ups at the Farrer Elementary bicycle safety rodeo, Provelo bicycle picnic series, the Committee’s table at the Bike-to-Work-Day breakfast, and family / community bicycle rides.

He also expressed to the council just how urgent a bicycle plan is for our city. Other cities including Salt Lake and Park City have comprehensive plans. Orem’s plan is almost complete. Now is the time for Provo to act. As Zac explained, a focus on bicycle and pedestrian transportation will reduce traffic congestion, ease parking problems, improve our (sometimes dangerous) air quality, strengthen our neighborhoods, and improve our downtown.

The council seemed quite supportive of the ideas expressed. Council Chair Johnson explained that she had taken the Mayor’s bicycle challenge and was surprised at how difficult it is to ride in some parts of the city. Councilwoman Dayton expressed interest in helping Provo recieve some of the funds available to help cities study their transportation plans and find ways to make roads safer for bicycles.

The Bicycle Committee was appreciative of the opportunity to share thier ideas and is looking forward to the inclusion of the bicycle map when the city council votes on the general plan.

To see a video of the Bicycle Committee presentation, take a look at Provo Channel 15 – Item 5a.

Busy Busy Week For The Bicycle.

Critical mass. Riga, 1 May 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit:

This week seems exceptionally busy for bicycle events so we decided to give you an exact breakdown of everything that is going on.


What: Family Club Ride leaving from Mad Dog Cycles in Orem at 6pm.

Why: This ride happens every Monday at 6pm but, today is the Bajio ride. They will leave the Orem shop at 6pm and go to the Riverwoods Bajio for food. Kids eat free and adults get $2 off of their meals. This is a great event to get out and meet other cycling families. Not a family? That is ok to. Bring a date or come alone this ride is for everyone. BikeProvo was invited on this ride a little while ago and here is our report.


What: Night Ride leaving at 10pm from Joaquin Park at 400 E and 400 N. BRING LIGHTS.

Why: This is just a local event ride that has an open invitation to who ever wants to show up. This is not any sort of organized ride just people getting together to ride bicycles. This one will be a lot of fun. If you are in the area make sure to swing by.


What: Tour De France Party at Rowley Press starting at 7:30pm.

Why: This is an event that BikeProvo is putting on and will be a ton of fun. We will be getting pizza from Slab Pizza and watching the tour. At the begining there will be a little history about the Tour and the bicycle given by yours truly. There will be an entry fee $6 in advance (you can go to MadDog, Racers, or Bingham to pick up tickets), and $10 at the door. Here is the Facebook page.


What: Bicycle Swap Meet Spanish Fork 3057 E 1300 S. Starting at 6pm.

Why: Lots of restored bicycles for you to look at and buy if you want. Also you can bring your old stuff to show off (there will be a best in show awarded), or to sell.


What: MadDog Cycles Tour Viewing. Group ride at 7am to South Fork, Viewing and breakfast 8am

Why: There is going to be an awesome raffle that will include a brand new bicycle. This will be the last stage in the Tour that will determine the winner there will be a lot going on. Also this event is free.

Well, got all that out of the road. We hope this information will help you get out and meet new people, have some adventures, and ride you bicycle. As you can see the bicycle culture in the valley is really starting to come out of the wood works. Make sure to get out to at least some of these events to show your support of riding and the good life.

Ride Report 7/12-7/18 Share Your Cycling Experience.

Come on, you know you’ve had some sort of biking experience this week. Go somewhere fun? Find a new path? Get into some trouble on the road? Run over a squirrel? No matter how big or small, we want to hear about your cycling week. Help make this feature successful by writing a comment!

(My new (old) ride.)


This week was not marked by any specifically amazing rides with the exception of a nice ride down to the lake with some friends (I am going to let you report on that Pippi don’t let me down). This week was really just a string of comfortable smooth sailing commutes punctuated with a few midnight treat runs. I had the chance to build myself up a great new (old) city bike that I am very excited about. All the gears are internal and it has a hub powered light system on it. It is really great for cruising around town, running errands, and getting to work. It is nice to have a reliable bike that sits me upright and has some cargo capacity.

One thing from my riding that I noticed this week is that I really enjoy riding my commute with other people from time to time. It is nice to have someone to talk to about the routes you commonly use and why (thanks Spencer). I hope last week some of you got out and were able to do some exploring. I am excited to hear the rides that this beautiful weather has been inspiring. Ride fast, ride safe but, most importantly have fun.

Bike Rap?

Many of you may have seen the video put out by MC Spandex about a year ago titled ‘Performance’. Well, for all you MC Spandex fans there is a second installment that shows a little bit darker side of MC Spandex and his crew. Here is the original video follow this link to go to the new one. I love these videos because he does a really good job at stereotyping diffrent riders and is ok with making fun both sides. Enjoy!