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Congressman Blumenauer at Interbike.

Right now in Las Vegas one of the best industry conventions ever is happening, Interbike. Interbike is the national bicycle convention that takes place for 4 days in Sin City. Along with all the spandex and gears there is tons of fenders, lights, and cool helmets. You can go here, here or here for more […]

Kids and Family Cycling

Cargo Bike Go!

We have talked about cargo bikes in the past and how awesome the can be in helping getting your family around. Our friends over at Copenhagenize put up the following video a little while ago on the cargo bike culture in Denmark. Just imagine loading up the kids and riding over to the Provo Town Center […]

Bike Media

Bikes, Beats, Love, and Bicycle Thief Justice.

photo credit: LordFerguson Not the first bicycle inspired music video but, a great addition. As you can tell from the title of the post this video has it all. Favorite line “dont you want to take a joy ride on my tandem?” I know that tonight I will ride my bike until I get home. […]