Provo Decoy Bikes: Bike Thief Bait

Unlocked bike in Roscoff!

The Provo City Council recently approved the use of two tech-savvy decoy bikes that will be used to catch local bike thieves in the act. The bicycles will be left around town to lure in would-be bike-nappers. When in use, they will be monitored by the Provo Police Department.

Fortunately, bike theft is a lot less common around here than it is in many of the larger cities. (In some places, people intentionally burn / spray paint / duct tape their expensive cycles, just to make them a less-appealing target…yikes!). However, we still get our share of problems every now and then. Most long term riders have had a bicycle stolen or know someone that has. Mayor John Curtis’ bike was even stolen a few months ago.

The bike decoys just may be the motivation bike thieves need to steer clear from the racks.

While the police are busy tracking down bike nappers,  you may want to register your bicycle with the city. It takes just a few minutes and it could help recover your bike if it is ever lost or stolen. All this for the cost of $1 and a relatively pain-free trip to the City Center.

Creative Commons License photo credit: nicksarebi

New Rail Trail in Lehi

Skinwall and leaves

The Daily Herald recently reported about a new bicycle and pedestrian trail in Lehi. They explain:

“The trail is 10 feet wide with bicycle and pedestrian lanes. The pedestrian lane is inclusive of roller skates/blades, scooters and baby joggers. There is a small trailhead at approximately 2600 North and 10000 West with parking.

Walking the trail at about two miles per hour, it would take 90 minutes to traverse. Benches for travelers are spaced periodically along the trail underneath shade pergolas.”

Although it is relatively short, the new trail will later be connected to an entire system of rail trails. Planners are hoping that the massive network of trails will encompass many cities and connect Utah County to Salt Lake County. In the meantime, it seems like the perfect little trail for fall exploration!

Creative Commons License photo credit: a propos

Balance Bikes For Kids

In our home we love to ride bikes.  I believe our daughter is the biggest fan.  When we gave her her first bike it was a most exciting moment for our family. We did a lot of research and found out about balance bikes.  Instead of having a chain and pedals balance bikes are just a frame with wheels.  They encourage kids to use balance and dexterity when controlling a bike.  They are usually lighter than regular bikes so kids have an easier time keeping the bike upright. They are also said to help children learn to ride a pedal bike with very minimal time spent learning with training wheels.

Our little bird on her Strider.

There are many push bikes on the market and with a little research you can find one that fits you and your child perfectly.  I collected some of the more common ones for you to take a gander at.

Red Strider™ Running Bike

Strider Has a metal frame and handy little foot rests for your child to use once they have mastered balancing.

Skuut Balance Bike

Skuut Wooden bikes with inflatable tires and adjustable seat.

Likeabike Similar to the Skuut but with many different styles for the many different riders out there.

Glide Bikes 1012111 12 inch Red Mini Glider Bike

Glide This is also a metal frame bike and comes with cool little footpegs for the kids to rest their feet on.

Specialized and Raleigh both make balance bikes as well.

Balance bikes are a really great way to start your child on a bicycle. It’s been really exciting to see how much our daughter has advanced in the last few months.  She is fast and has even started doing ‘tricks’ like bunny hops.  She has confidence on her bicycle and already knows many of the rules of the road.  We are very pleased with our purchase and have seen many benefits from it already. If you are in the market for a bike for your child take some time to research balance bikes and see the benefit they can have for your child. MadDog Cycles carries the Strider and the Scuut brand while Bingham Cycles carries the Specialized one (I am not sure if Bingham has them in stock but they do carry Specialized Bicycles). Have a safe ride.

Tiny Home Coming To Provo!

Tiny Home? You may be asking what this wonderful band has to do with bicycles? Well Gabe Dominguez (the one wearing the tie) is part of the group Shake Your Peace. Shake Your Peace is an all bicycle powered group; they tour by bike, perform by bike, and power their instruments by bike. I am not sure if this will be a bicycle powered event but I am sure that it will be a great event to ride your bicycle to and meet up with other bicycle inspired people. The Facebook event has all the info which is repeated below.

Time: Thursday, October 21 · 8:00pm – 10:30pm

Place: Hugh B. Brown House, 313 E 200N Provo Ut

We hope to see all of you out. This is going to be a great event!

The BYU Bike Scene as of October 14, 2010

On this crisp autumnal morning, the BYU bike racks were still packed with bicycles. Here’s a glimpse of a few of the bike racks around campus and their capacity.

The packed bike racks by the SWKT.

Bikes as far as the eye can see by the Wilk.

A local bike activist and student passed out these fliers around campus and had the opportunity to meet with Carri Jenkins (Assistant to President Samuelson). There are currently 6,000 bike slots and they are currently in the process of locating more places for bike racks. In comparison, there are 7,142 Y-Lot parking spaces for cars on campus.


grassroot efforts to make BYU a more bicycle-friendly campus.

BYU has pledged to put up more bike racks, and here is a photo of one of the new locations with 100 new slots for bikes (between the JSB, MCKB, and the Brimhall).

The new bike rack on BYU campus

And last but not least, my favorite bike related BYU sign:

What happens when you don't follow the rules

This is on a fence on 800 N near the duck pond. I can’t wait to see them tow a bike like that. And the detail in the bike: water bottle, de-railer, they mean business.

Walk To School Day At Farrer Elementary

Provo is a beautiful city.  We are lucky to also have wonderful residents and community leaders who strive daily to make Provo a better place to live.

One such exceptional resident is Sariah Hillam. Bike Provo and the Provo Bicycle Committee have worked with this wonderful woman on other projects for Farrer Elementary and we have seen the amazing care she puts into this community. She works hard to see our community children get the things they need.  We are grateful to work with Mrs. Hillam and hope that all of us living in Provo can strive to work as hard as she does for this city.

Sariah and her daughter biked to school (even with overcast and rainy). Go team Hillam!

The Provo Bicycle Committee was able to step up and help Farrer Elementary school once again last week.  Farrer Elementary had a Bike and Walk to school day that promoted healthy living through exercise.  Each year they encourage their students to get outside and enjoy their commute to school by foot. The Bike Committee was on hand to pass out stickers and congratulate those students who helped their parents make the choice to leave the cars at home. The Bicycle Committee was also able to take part in an assembly that addressed several safety issues that might arise in a young elementary students daily life, including safety at school, safety when riding bikes and walking to school and internet safety. The Provo Bicycle Committee went over the laws of the road and the importance of wearing a helmet when riding. It was exciting to see how many of the students had bikes!

Last but not least the Provo Bicycle Committee was able to help stand in for some no-shows by guest starring as Faux Paw, the internet safety kitty.

For a cold morning it got rather warm in that suit 🙂

Crazy Bike Jumping in Alpine

BikeProvo usually  focuses on urban riding. But, this bike jump video I just received is absolutely insane. Take a look at these cyclists doing amazing jumps and flips on their bikes into an Alpine lake. (The foam on the bike is for flotation so that it doesn’t disappear into the lake).

Don’t try this at home, kids! I know I’m not going to.