Mayor Curtis to Cycle from Provo to Salt Lake in Rivalry Ride

University of Nevada 27, Brigham Young University 13 (12)

BYU’s defeat last week means one thing for Provo’s Mayor John Curtis: he’ll be bicycling from Provo to Salt Lake as a part of the annual Rivalry Ride tradition. Historically, the mayor from the defeated city must ride from his own city hall to the winning team’s city hall.

This year’s ride will be on May 13, 2011, in warmer spring-time conditions. Take a look at or ABC 4 for more information.

The Rivalry Ride goes hand-in-hand with the annual food drive competition, in which both cities compete to see who can donate the most food for charity.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ken Lund

Bike Provo Meeting Roundup (11/18)

Yesterdays Bike Provo meeting was, as always, productive. We talked about how in a year or so we will be able to apply for a huge grant.

This photo shows us talking about that grant.

As a committee we are also talking about presenting at neighborhood meetings. (Arrangements were arranged and assignments were assigned.)

The neighborhood meetings will be a good way to get in touch with the people who are most involved with their local neighborhoods. If we can explain to the attendees of those meetings what the Bike Committee is trying to do (and why we’re trying to do it) then our reach will be that much longer.

And a new cycling dawn will be ushered in that much sooner.

Off the record, Zac and I may or may not have discussed some sort of modern bike skyway. The future baby, it’s gonna be bright and filled antenna and floating rings around those antenna.

All in all it was a good day.

(P.S. come to Cranksgiving tomorrow!)

Pedal-Powered Bicycle Billboards Come to Provo

A few weeks ago, I spotted an unusual sight on University Avenue: a pedal-powered bicycle billboard. The gentleman pictured in the cell phone snapshot above is riding along on the sidewalk toting a Craig’s Cuts billboard behind him. I’m always happy to see new bike ventures pop up in our city!

Next up for Provo: bike taxis between BYU and downtown. Come on entrepreneurs – I’ll be your first customer!

Orem Adopts Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Last week, the Orem Municipal Council approved a forward-thinking Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The exciting new plan had been in the works for months and was created with the input of hundreds of residents:

The Daily Herald reports:

“In total, the Orem Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan recommends nearly 16 miles of new sidewalk, 12 intersection improvements, 17 miles of new paved shared-use pathways, 56 miles of new bike lanes and 23 miles of new bicycle routes.

Since the plan’s beginning, community involvement has played a large part. Initially a survey was developed to gather information from Orem residents about existing bicycle and pedestrian behavior and the need for improvements. Nearly 900 residents participated.”

Orem residents will start seeing the first phase of new bike lanes and paths within the next year. Many leaders and dedicated cyclists worked tirelessly to put this plan in motion. Good job, Orem!

Provo Cranksgiving is Here Again.

If you have not done the Cranksgiving before you are in for a ton of fun. Cranksgiving is a celebration of bicycles and charity. The idea is you ride your bicycle around to a few grocery stores collect some food or other needed items and then drop everything off at the local food bank. In some places this is a race however here in Provo everyone is invited. The pace is going to be nice and slow so we can all have a good time together. We are not sure about the route just yet. If you keep an eye on or the Facebook event they will have updates coming soon. This ride really is a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the Holiday season by helping needy families in our own backyard. You can see how others have done their rides by clicking here.

Night Ride! Tonight! 10:30!

Hey biking friends. I had the chance to ride with some friendly bikers last Wednesday night. They’re having another one tonight at 10:30 (but they stick around til about 10:45 or so before they ride, you still have time). They meet at the Provo Library, the north parking lot. Though it’s chilly, go ride the night and make some nice biking friends. Wear your lights!

New Bike Lanes on 100 South!

Have you checked out the new bike lanes on 100 South? Brave the chill and take a little ride from 100 E. to 500 W. The lanes don’t seem to have little bicycle symbols yet, but perhaps those are yet to come?

A huge shout out to Provo’s engineering department – thanks for having the foresight to add these bike lanes when repaving the street. They are a great addition and give cyclists a very convenient way to get downtown without having to brave the narrow-lanes-no-sidewalk-riding aspects of Center Street.

Support Orem City and Their Bicycle Pedestrian Plan, Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an important day for Orem City and as such is an important day for all of us in Utah Valley, especially Provo. Orem City will be holding a hearing tomorrow to review a Bicycle/Ped. Master Plan that has been in the works officially for over a year. You may be asking, “Why is this important to Provo?” Orem City and Provo City meet on a pretty regular bases, at these meetings the conversation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure has been coming up pretty frequently which keeps both cities connected and both cities moving forward on this important issue of mobility and transportation. Showing up to the meeting even if you are not a resident of Orem shows the city that there are a lot of us interested in seeing our communities become better and safer places for all users. BikeProvo will be there to take notes and a few pictures. We hope to see all of you there as well.

Time: Tuesday November 9, 6pm

Place: 56 N State St Orem Ut (in the City Council Chambers)

More Info: