Provo Police Department Reactivates Their Bicycle Team

Officers on bicycles are a huge benefit to any community: they are more accessible, can easily identify problems that can’t be seen from a car, and can better patrol areas like trails. The Provo bicycle community is so excited to note that several officers in our community are moving to two-wheels. Here’s the official scoop:

 On March 28th, 2012, at 3:00 pm, the Provo Police Department will reactivate their Bike Team, in an effort to pro-actively enforce the City of Provo.

This nine person Bike Team is a perfect fit for our Community Based Policing philosophy. Officers on this team will focus on pro-active enforcement in our neighborhoods. They will focus on quality of life issues that degrade our city and its citizens.

During officer’s proactive times, they will get out of their patrol car and hop on their police bicycle. An officer on a bicycle can have a different perspective then an officer in a patrol vehicle. Moving around a neighborhood can provide them more opportunities to meet the public face to face.

The Bike-Team is just one more piece of the puzzle that fits into the Community Based Policing program. Each piece helps us to reinforce our vision and bring us closer to our citizens. This program will enhance the officer’s ability to be assertive in their policing, problem solving, and partnership efforts.” Rick Gregory, chief of police.

Officers will also focus on high incident areas that are inaccessible to officers in patrol cars, like the Provo River Trail. The Fourth of July Parade, bike rodeos, and pedestrian safety fairs will also be part of their special enforcement responsibilities.

Hurrah for Provo Bicycle Officers! We’re glad to have you keeping our streets safe!

Making the Provo River Trail a Safer Place for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Looking south at sunset from the bed of the Arroyo Seco

After the devastating sexual assault on the Provo River Trail last month, a lot of dedicated people have come together to help make the trail a safer place to walk or ride a bike.

At a recent Bicycle Committee Meeting Officer Crosby made it very clear that the blame for rape is 100% with the perpetrator and that women should feel safe using the trail.

At the same time, there’s a lot that the community can do to encourage use of the trail and make it a safer place for everyone. The Provo River Trail is such an amazing resource in our community (what other city has a scenic, car-free trail that can take people all over the city – from the Lake, to the airport, up into the canyon). We think the trail is worth fighting for.  Continue reading

Cyclists Ride the Provo River Trail for Safety Awareness on Women’s Day

Yesterday, a friendly group met at the Provo Bicycle Collective for a safety awareness ride on the Provo River Trail. Rather than avoiding the trail, we’re encouraging cyclists to use the trail as often as possible (with a friend or two, of course). The more of us that use the trail, the safer it will be for all of us.

The group packed the house at Coffee Pod for the International Women’s Day Poetry Reading.

Thanks to Kate Chandler and everyone else that spent time organizing and advertising the ride. And, thanks to everyone that came to participate and make the safety ride such a success.

Keep watching the blog for some big updates on what is being done to make the Provo River Trail a safer place to ride.

Safety Awareness Provo River Trail Ride Today

Bicicletada Nacional SPDon’t forget to come to the Safety Awareness ride tonight, for a chance to spend some time with the Provo cycling community and fight back against the sexual assaults that have happened on the trail.

Here’s the essential info from the Safety Awareness Ride event on Facebook:

We will be riding the River Trail towards Coffee Pod in honor of the people and families that have been affected by incidents on the River Trail in Provo. This ride is to raise awareness of safety on the trail and to prevent issues like rape and accidents from happening there in the future. We will start the ride at 7pm SHARP! So please be there between 630 and 645. We will then hop on the trail and ride it towards Coffee Pod for their women’s poetry night! This is a very important ride and it will really help us gather as a community in support of safety. Please invite everyone to this! See you there!

The address for the Provo Bicycle Collective is: 1100 W.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ferligabue