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Federal Highway Administration: Use Funds for Separated Bike Lanes, Road Diets, Narrow Roads, Curb Extensions, and More

The Federal Highway Administration recently released a game-changing document addressing some common misconceptions and / or excuses that keep communities from building bike infrastructure. Here are a few of the myths I found most interesting: Myth: The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is the only Federal funding source for pedestrian and bicycle projects. Myth: Federal transportation […]

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Provo’s First Protected Bike Lanes Coming to Bulldog Blvd.

HOLY SMOKES! Take a look at this visionary design coming to Bulldog Boulevard. We’ve been asking for this kind of design on Provo streets for years, and it’s finally happening. Provo’s first protected bike lanes. Beautiful tree-lined median. Design that’s safer for everyone: people in cars, people in bikes, people on the sidewalk. There’s still […]