#bikewalkprovostories Bryant Jensen “I cycle to commute and for exercise. It’s been my primary mode of local travel for 20 years–in Tempe (AZ), Delano (CA), Eugene (OR), and now, for the past 8 and half years, in Provo. I like to think while moving, and to experience my city differently (outside of a car). I get to experience the nooks and crannies of my community much better on a bike. My kids love it too. Cycling together bonds us. We have five kids. The four oldest cycled with me everyday to BYU campus for preschool–rain, snow, sleet, or hail–and remember it fondly, despite my yells at them to “pedal, pedal, pedal!” to get up temple hill from downtown where we live. We also cycle together for fun, especially on Saturdays along the river in spring and fall.”

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#bikewalkprovostories Jamie Gettys “I am not hardcore when it comes to exercise. I like to jog, do yoga, bike around town, hike. My husband and I watched the Motherload documentary last year at the Bicycle Collective and were obviously inspired (how could anyone NOT be?!). We decided to bike as much as possible before feeling confident buying a cargo bike. My amazing friend, Elise, was my biking buddy and inspiration. She was patient with me as I got more comfortable biking on the road with my two kids in tow. She helped me learn the safest routes to get around town. I started biking more and more, and was quickly becoming convinced that biking was the answer to all my problems! (I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. Haha.) It allows me to make time for exercise in a busy schedule, get myself and my kids outside frequently, respect the earth, save money, and stay mentally well! After I biked up the canyon to South Fork Park a couple times pulling my two kids in a trailer, we felt pretty confident we could bike most places we go. It was so invigorating and not even very difficult! It just takes a little more time, and a healthy dose of motivation. Then I started commuting to work in Orem by bike. At that point, we felt great about investing in the cargo bike. We now have our e-cargo bike and it has been life-changing. We bike so much as a family and are loving how it makes biking as a main form of transportation really doable, even with two kids and the third on the way! My husband loves taking the boys out on the cargo bike to go geocaching or explore the town. And I still love taking my regular bike to get places on my own. This has been such an empowering and joyful lifestyle change and I can’t rave about it enough.”

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#BikeWalkProvoStories Shannon Ellsworth “I love walking, running, biking, and hiking, but I don’t always feel safe doing those things. However, my neighborhood doesn’t have great sidewalks and isn’t well connected to the rest of town. In fact, sometimes I drive across town in order to use trails over on the west side. I own a car but owning and maintaining a car isn’t necessary, affordable, or desirable for everybody. Plenty of undergrads can’t afford a car – I couldn’t. Missionaries don’t need cars – I didn’t. Runners, cyclists, and hikers might prefer to get exercise outdoors – I do. Moms might prefer their kids walk to and from school instead of driving them each morning and afternoon. Dads taking kids to the park might prefer to walk and push a stroller. Aging neighbors may not want to drive across town to the grocery store. That’s why we need safe options in every neighborhood, connecting every neighborhood. It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s not just recreation, it’s how we get from point A to point B without endangering lives.”

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A Call to Volunteer

You are a talented and passionate Provo resident who cares about livable neighborhoods. We are a 501c3 nonprofit that advocates for street design and culture that makes it safe, convenient, and fun for all people to get around by bike or foot. And we can use your help.

BikeWalk Provo has multiple volunteer positions open and would like to help you get meaningfully involved in your community. Please fill out this form today.