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The 400 East Transformation

A bit of paint can be a game changer.

Take a look at the recent changes to 400 East, between Center Street and 300 South.

400 east

Top: Neighborhood residents were concerned about potential traffic issues on their wide street, particularly due to a lighted intersection will be added on 300 South next year. Bottom: city engineers transformed the street yesterday almost entirely with paint. Bike lanes, cross walks, zebra stopping, school zone notices, and still room for parking.

Room for all road users.

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  1. Jamie, are there plans to take these north of Center to 800 North? I thought the Joaquin Neighborhood and Bicycle Master plans called for 500 East to be a bike and pedestrian street rather than 400. That would make more sense given the existing access route onto campus.

  2. Aaron, I just took another look at the bike plan to confirm. The plan calls for bike lanes on 400 East from 600 South to 200 North and then sharrows to 800 North. I don’t believe it was ever planned for 500 East.

    I don’t think there is any more funding to do the rest of the striping right now though. These particular changes were done at the request of neighbors on 400 East who are concerned about the possibility of increased traffic through the neighborhood when 300 South is redone next year.

  3. (I’m not sure about the Joaquin Neighborhood plan though; maybe the two are at odds at the moment).

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