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A Little Something To Get The Monday Legs Pumping

Bicycle videos make us smile. It reminds us that we are not the only ones who love our two wheeled contraptions for what ever use they may be put to. The first video to start out your week with is a new bicycle song by Sue Denim simply titled “Bicycle.” While it is no “Bicycle Commuter Anthem” it is really fun and kind of catchy. Best line “I surrender to the power of the bicycle.”

This next video is from Schwinn Bicycles. While the Schwinn company is a ghost of its former self in quality, and reliability (check out the backwards, i.e. dangerous, fork on the kids bike coming into shot at sec 10), the video is well done, and I love how it shows how tastes in bicycles mature and spread.

Finally we have a fun cut from some local riders in SaltLake that features the fixed freestyle riding of the Foad Crew and Velo City Bags.

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