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A New Chapter for Bicycles in Provo

(Sad Cell Phone Picture, Happy Group.)

It’s official! Provo has just secured a group to help us analyze and build up our bicycle infrastructure. This is in conjunction with the $110,000 grant that we have received for the same purpose. Over the next six months to one year we will keep you posted on the developments and public meetings that are part of the process. Note that I typed ‘public meetings.’ We will need all of you, your friends, and family out to make sure this plan reflects all of Provo and all of Provo’s needs. Plain and simple this is GREAT news and we are all very excited to get to work. A big thanks to all those directly involved including UDOT, Mountainlands, Provo Engineering, Mayor’s Office, City Council, and the Provo Bicycle Committee. Also a big congratulations to the winner of the bid which will be announced once some finalization takes place. If you were contemplating a bike ride any time today jump in the saddle and enjoy our wonderful city while celebrating this huge success for bicycles.

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