A Photo Tour of Bicycle Resources at the Provo FrontRunner Station


Bicycles and public transportation go hand in hand, and the Provo FrontRunner station now offers a variety of bicycle amenities to help cyclists travel by train and bus. UTA has been doing a fantastic job adding resources to help make riding to and from the Provo station easy. Here’s what you need to know.

Bike Racks

Just south of the platform, the Provo FrontRunner station offers numerous bicycle racks. Anyone is free to leave their bike, although the racks to tend to be a bit crowded. If these racks are full, a few additional racks can be found by heading east along the same sidewalk. Be sure to bring your U-Lock.


Bike Lockers

More secure bike lockers are also available to rent. The box-shaped lockers can be found just east of the bike racks. Each locker is rented to an individual rider for $70 a year (plus an initial $30 deposit) and is accessed by a key. To rent a bike locker, fill out the form on the UTA website.


DERO Self-Serve Bike Fix-It Station

UTA recently installed a DERO bike fix-it station. To find it, walk to the far east side of the sidewalk south of the platform. With this station, anyone can fill a tire, tighten loose parts, or perform basic bicycle maintenance. The station includes all of the essential bicycle tools on cables attached to a bike stand. There is also a bicycle pump and wheel holder. There is no cost to use the  Provo bike fix-it station.



Bike Coaches

Most FrontRunner trains have a bike coach, designed to hold 12 bicycles and their owners.


See all those bike symbols on the coach above? Apparently, that coach has room for 12 bikes. You can just roll yours on in and sit next to it; no need to worry about awkwardly affixing it to some caboose carrier or anything.

Here’s a quick tour someone posted to YouTube of how these cabs look:

Neat, huh? BikeSLC offers these tips for taking your bike on the FrontRunner:

Board the bi-level car closest to the locomotive. There are spaces for 12 bicycles to be parked upright on this car. If using any other car, enter through the door with a green bicycle symbol. Place the bicycle under the stairs (room for 4 bicycles).

Bike Parking in Regular Coaches

If the Bike Coach is full, you can also look for bike spots in other double-decker cabs. Each stores 4 on the bottom level. No bikes are allowed in single-level cars. Your best bet is to line up just behind the bicycle icon on the platform. Happy riding!


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