About Bike Provo

Bike Provo advocates for safe streets that make it easy and fun for all people to get around by bike or on foot.

Our community will flourish as more people get around by bike or on foot. Not only is the bike a sustainable form of transportation, but it also creates a sense of community that the car cannot.

Bike Provo has been shaking things up since 2008.

Want to Help?

If you’re interested in helping out or sharing ideas, please drop us a line: bikeprovo@gmail.com. For updates about a bicycle-friendly Provo, follow us on Facebook. Take a look at this list of ways to contribute to get started as a Provo bike advocate.

The Provo Bicycle Committee meets at the Provo City Community Development building (330 W 100 S) on the first Thursday of each month at 5pm to and is working to make Provo an even more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. The Committee has accomplished an extraordinary amount since being reestablished in 2008 by closely working with the Mayor’s Office, other city departments, and other entities to improve Provo’s physical bicycling infrastructure. Please join us as we work to make Provo an even better place to live and work and of course bike as well as walk.


  1. Do you have any information regarding bike rodeos? Our ward is putting together a scout pack meeting on May 25th that focuses on bike safety and is highly interested on having a bike rodeo for the kids.


    1. Polo had the potential of being fluid, meaning that it may not have been in the same place or it may not have been at all. They have a set place and schedule now so we will have something up soon (today or tomorrow). So you are in the know they play every Wednesday at 7:30pm in the back of the house at 348E 400N (it is the brown house with the porch right next to the apartment complex). There are extra mallets if you do not have one. Thanks for the patience.

  2. If I want to come to an underground forrest race on a Friday night, where do I go? I see on the calendar that the location may change, but where is the usual location?

  3. I think it’s great that you are trying to get people to know the laws to ride safely. Now, if you could get drivers to drive safely with bike, that would be something. Recently I saw a banner on 500 W Near Pioneer Park that read, “Provo City, A Bicycle Safe Community.” I thought to myself, not yet…not even close. There are not enough bicycle lanes, nor do vehicles if pay attention to bicycles. I have been riding for transportation, fun, and sometimes instruction through Boy Scouts for 20 years combined. I have no doubt that Provo is trying to make it safe, but when I ride out there I don’t feel safe. Keep up the good work of trying to promote safety.

  4. My backpack ban issue concerning those on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades.

    To the Provo Bike committee, as you know I bike all over town and have been for about 20 years now and I carry my backpack on my bike and take my backpack inside stores and theaters at least in the past I used to take my backpack inside Cinemark and watched over it.

    But last year in 2018 the Cinemark theater company placed a backpack ban and now I have nowhere to safely store my backpack and Cinemark won’t do backpack search inspections or hold on to my backpack which has made me upset. I can’t drive a car or put my backpack in the car which is a big problem for me.

    Can we start issuing backpack card licenses or have backpack locker services for places that ban backpacks like Cinemark, or General Conference Center, or the Utah Jazz Arena, or at BYU Football, so that I can legally be trusted with a backpack. Because I cannot safely store my backpack anywhere or it’s at risk of backpack theft which I don’t want to happen. But in this backpack licenses, I don’t want people to carry weapons when they also get a backpack licenses. I would also use a backpack service lockers if they were in public places.

    Please help me out, I don’t want to be kicked out of Cinemark forever, I like going to movies, I’m worried about the first and fourth amendments of the US constitution being violated and my right and freedom to carry my backpack around, I’m also afraid AMC theaters, Nickel City or commercial stores or even the UTA buses will also potentially one day place a ban on backpacks. I don’t want to lose my freedom to carry my backpack all over town, also I come from a nice family and I have good manners and respect people in public places.

    Any suggestions would be helpful right now, this is a big problem for me and those who have nowhere to safely store their backpacks or big bags.

  5. Provo is MILES ahead of Heber City!

    Is there a bike club in Provo with organized rides on a scheduled basis? I would like to ride in Provo, but it’s better to be with a club.
    Any thoughts?

    1. There are a few bike clubs in the area. Bonneville Cycling Club is the most popular. You could also ask them for Provo-specific clubs. Hangar 15 bike shop would also know.

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