• Applied for and helped Provo become a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists (Daily Herald)
  • Painted ponytails on various bike lane symbols in Provo, adding diverse gender representation to Provo streets
  • Hosted a sold-out screening of Motherload with Director Liz Canning; held a well-attended cargo bike roundup the week after
  • Collaborated with BYU civil engineering and urban planning professors to make our walking and biking tours assignments for their students
  • Held service projects to clean up trash along University Avenue, Center Street, and Cougar Boulevard
  • Hosted active transportation tours of Provo for BYU students and professors and Congressman John Curtis
  • Hosted various community bike rides, including rides for International Women’s Day


  • Launched the #BikeWalkProvoStories project to showcase the diversity of people who get around Provo without a car
  • Sent over 172 unique emails to and held a few meetings with Provo City officials to push them to work with BYU and UTA and finally install the planned UVX stop at 900 East and Heritage Drive
  • Took several Provo City and state officials on walking and biking tours of central Provo
  • Organized an unprecedented pandemic-era Bike to School Week in partnership with Provo City School District
  • Organized a 100+ participant webinar about pedestrian safety with author Angie Schmitt (of Right of Way) in partnership with UDOT, BYU Geography, BYU Urban Planning, BYU Civil Engineering, and APA Utah
  • Held several meetings with and wrote a joint letter to Mayor Kaufusi in support of pedestrian- and bike-friendly design changes to Center Street in collaboration with Downtown Provo, Inc; collected over 200 signatures in support and got several news articles published about it
  • Installed dozens of bike racks at a Provo resident’s home, around downtown and at parks (in partnership with Provo City), and at Day’s Market
  • Posted signs and spread the word about a potential extension of the Provo River Trail; helped dozens of people email UDOT’s Transportation Commission in support of the project which was then funded
  • Created walking tour and biking tour routes and maps of central Provo
  • Placed educational stickers on public bike racks around the city
  • Organized opposition to a proposed 800/820 North road widening; got City Council to remove it from the Transportation Master Plan
  • Held a screening of Motherload and cargo bike roundup in partnership with Provo Bicycle Collective
  • Organized so much pro-walk pro-bike support at Provo City’s Transportation Master Plan Open House that the engineering department said public comments from that meeting were “invalid” and “heavily skewed”
  • Carried out tactical urbanism on Center Street in partnership with Pioneer Book to slow cars down




Advocated in support of:

  • Pathways on Lakeview Drive
  • Buffered bike lanes and multi-use path on 500 West
  • A neighborhood bikeway on 200 East
  • Bike lanes and a multi-use path on 300 South
  • Bike lanes on 700 North
  • Bike lane on Canyon Road


  • Applied for and achieved bronze and silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community status in partnership with Provo City
  • Hosted countless events showcasing the fun of bicycling (Monday Night Night Ride, Provelo, FUFFR, Bike Month events, etc.)
  • Helped found Provo Bicycle Collective in partnership with Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
  • Carried out tactical urbanism projects on 500 North, 100 South, and other places.
  • Organized and hosted countless Bike Month events since 2000
  • Successfully encouraged the City Council to adopt the Provo Bicycle Master Plan in 2013
  • Provided a letters of support and dozens of volunteers to help with Provo Parks and Recreation’s Slate Canyon Bike Park and Provo River Trail grant-funded projects
  • Hosted the Utah Bicycle Summit (and Gary Fisher) in partnership with Bike Utah in Provo in 2016
  • Organized Bike to School Week events since 2011
  • Supported BYU to become a Bicycle Friendly University (now at the bronze-level) through infrastructural improvements and programming
  • Received Bike Utah’s Local Advocacy Award in 2016

AND SO MUCH MORE! Just scroll through our past blog posts dating back to 2013 to see what we’ve been up to.