An Anthem to Sing While Commuting to Work

(Photo Courtesy of Shera Kelly's Myspace Page.)

Queens ‘Bicycle Song‘, Shake Your Peace’s entire album, and Mc Spandex are on my eternal bicycle playlist (so is this song from A Muppet Christmas Carol when it is really really cold outside “When the cold wind blows it chills you chills you to the bone”). Each song/album brings something to riding that just makes you proud to ride and excited to get going. It is with great pleasure that I can now add another song to my repretoire. The song is A Bicycle Commuter Anthem by Shera Kelly. Shera Kelly is from Canada in the Vancouver area and has been riding bikes for a long time. She wrote this song in response to a hit and run that happened to her. The song has everything; a bicycle bell, true life tale, horns, great beat, whistling, and the idea of taking apart the cars and turning them into handlebars. Hope this sunny song adds to this beautiful day and to your commute. I know that we here at BikeProvo will be whistling it throughout the summer.

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