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Another one bites the dust. Bike theft is a bummer.

A few days ago we here at BikeProvo announced that the Mayor’s bicycle (SLC) was stolen the first day of the summit. Then today a buddy of mine had his bike stolen from the back of one of the shops that I work at (sorry about the loss Leather Jacket). As a result we thought it wise to post this video of Hal. To give you some background Hal has been a wrench in NY for many many years. A few years ago him and some guys he knows made a video about how to properly lock your bicycle in the big city. The video posted is the first one but there are two more out there. The other two are more of the same tips but with new and funny commentary from Hal.

I know that we live in Provo UT but, as it turns out, bicycle theft is the number one crime in the city according to the police officer from a bike rodeo we attended. So get your bike registered (you can follow the link on the left), and make sure that you do a good lock job. Poor locking only encourages theft. Which in turn only promotes people to try and steal other bikes if the first one was so easy. I believe bicycle thieves are the lowest of the low and deserve whatever they have coming to them. On the other hand though if you watch the movie the Bicycle Thief it is kind of hard to not hope for the best if you ride does disappear. Hope you enjoy and learn how to better protect your ride.

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