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APHA Report: Killer Cars?

Just more info on why driving and not riding or walking is not only boring but is also not good for you. Here is an excerpt from the American Public Health Association’s report:

Our dependence on automobiles and roadways has profound negative impacts on human health: decreased opportunities for physical activity, and increased exposure to air pollution, and the number of traffic crashes. The health costs associated with these impacts, including costs associated with loss of work days and wages, pain and suffering, and premature death, may be as high as several hundred billion dollars.

This exact info was brought up in the UT Bike Summit that happened a few months ago. The presenter spoke a lot on the effect of inactivity and what the costs are to communities and to the individual.  Getting rid of your car may not be the answer. Trying to replace all trips within 2 miles of your house with a bicycle may be a step in the right direction. Check out the 2 mile challenge (just type in your address and see what is within two miles) and, the Clear Air Challenge for more on what you can do. You can read the full report here. As always expensive and complicated issues being solved by something as simple as riding your wonderful bicycle.

(Bike and Rootbeer nothing more simple.)

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