About Carol Ann

Carol Ann is a BYU grad student, studying Teacher Education and working part time at a local charter school. A bike enthusiast, Carol Ann grew up riding bikes with her family and to summer swim team every day in her hometown Boise, Idaho. She hopes bikes will have a safe existence in Provo and with better relations between bikes and cars. Carol Ann rides her grandfather's '70's blue Schwinn cruiser bike and a burgundy Peugeot 10-speed. You can spot her a mile away with her baby blue helmet. She claims she wears it to honor her parents.

Monday Night Night Ride

Hey Friends, Here’s another every other Monday night night ride. Come play. We meet at Joaquin Park (400 N, 400 E). Bring your bike and your lights.

2nd of July Night Ride to Watch Stadium of Fire Fireworks

Hey Biking Friends. Let’s meet Saturday night at 9 at Joaquin Park (400 N 400 E) to bike over to the Chevron by the BYU stadium to watch the fireworks. Bring a blanket and maybs some snacks. And your bike lights. (picture from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_iYug41WbzfU/TA6lEuWUxMI/AAAAAAAABWo/0b3oNjtBNKs/s1600/Tracy+Lawrence+Concert+6.5.jpg)

Night Ride! Tonight! 10:30!

Hey biking friends. I had the chance to ride with some friendly bikers last Wednesday night. They’re having another one tonight at 10:30 (but they stick around til about 10:45 or so before they ride, you still have time). They meet at the Provo Library, the north parking lot. Though it’s chilly, go ride the night and make some nice biking friends. Wear your lights!