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Barbasket Looks Bombastic

I’m not going to lie I would put a basket on every bike I owned if I could. Baskets are super handy they can hold your bag while you are riding so you do not get sweaty, a watermelon from the farmers market, or (my favorite) a four pack of Virgil’s root beer on a hot day. My one issue with the glorious basket is that most of them are made of wire, and the ones that are not are a little feminine to put on a guys bike :). Wire baskets hold big things really well, but for small things like tools, locks, or any little miscellaneous they just do not cut it. Enter Barbasket. Barbasket is the brain child of a designer in San Francisco and combines all the wonderful things of a basket with a bag, and adds a bit of class to the whole thing with color. Make sure to check the project out on Kickstarter and pre-order your own for only $90.

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