Bicycle Coalition seeking Executive Director.

The following is a release from the Utah Bicycle Coalition.

Executive Director Wanted


The Utah Bicycle Coalition seeks a proven leader, entrepreneurial fundraiser, visionary manager, knowledgeable advocate, and a powerful communicator with a deep commitment to our mission to serve as executive director. The initial employment term will be for a period of four months. We anticipate compensation for this period to be $3,000 per month. Future compensation is dependent upon the success of the candidate in fundraising efforts.

Utah Bicycle Coalition Mission Statement

The mission of the Utah Bicycle Coalition is to promote and preserve the safety, opportunities, and responsibilities of cyclists and pedestrians through legislation, education, and facilities development.

  • To work for good laws and legislation which promote safe cycling and walking.
  • To participate in transportation planning and construction providing accommodations for safe cycling and walking.
  • To educate cyclists and motorists about safe cycling, sharing the road, and obeying the law.
  • To assist in the development, growth, and effectiveness of local cycling advocacy groups.
  • To develop a network of safe cycling routes throughout Utah.
  • To promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles.
  • To support Utah’s cycling industry.

The Utah Bicycle Coalition advocates for increased bicycle use by promoting the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation and recreation. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, maintain good health, and travel around town.

There are risks to cycling that can be mitigated by educating both our fellow cyclists and motorists in how to properly share the road

Qualifications for Executive Director Position

·       Commitment to the mission
Must have a deep personal commitment to Utah Bicycle Coalition’s mission and goals. An everyday bicyclist who is passionate about bicycling’s vital roles in transportation is strongly preferred. The executive director should be committed to long-term employment with Utah Bicycle Coalition (minimum three years).

·       Fundraising
Experience in fundraising for public interest or advocacy work from a diverse range of funding sources including private foundations, non-profit services, government services, individual donations, membership sales, and events. Fundraise to sustain the Executive Director position. Experience with writing and managing grants is preferred.

·       Communication
Must have the ability to convey the Utah Bicycle Coalition’s mission and ideas effectively to government, civic, business leaders, and the public. Must be media savvy and a skilled written and verbal communicator in individual and group contexts.

·       Technical Expertise
Must have sophisticated understanding of bicycling and non-motorized transportation issues. Ideally, has professional experience managing bicycle and related transportation advocacy and planning projects as well as knowledge of regional, national, and global trends in bicycle policy, advocacy, and community planning.

·       Strategic Planning
Must be able to work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement key organization goals and strategies.

·       Leadership
Must be able to manage and lead staff, volunteers, and Board to assure the mission and goals are met.

Applications must include a cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest in the job, qualifications, references (minimum of three), and a resume.

Applications will be accepted until July 1, 2010

Recruiting for this position has begun.
Executive Director Search
C/O Utah Bicycle Coalition
P. O. Box 58504
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0504

Email:  jobs@utahbikes.org

No phone calls or faxes please.

The Utah Bicycle Coalition are the folks who helped passed the three foot law in Utah as well as got us the awesome share the road license plate. Tell your friends and your friends friends about this great opportunity. If you are not already a member of this important state wide organization you can sign up here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It’ll be a great opportunity for the right person and a great opportunity for Utah to finally have a paid executive director.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone from Provo were chosen?

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