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Bicycles and Art.

Many have said that bicycle riding is an art. Which I believe to be true. If riding is an art, that would make anyone who knows how to ride an artist. Making patterns and lines with their daily rides all over the canvas that is the city. New riders would be like kids with crayons. Coloring with whatever medium they are given or that they see their friends using. More seasoned riders could be compared to artist that have really found their medium. Honing in their tools (bicycles) and really picking how they will express themselves (route usage). You may be asking, “Why all this heady talk about art and medium etc.?” First, I really want to call my self an artist :). I do not have that quality to take the ride and translate it into something tangible. I even have a hard time explaining to non-cyclists the feelings or ideas I have while riding. Second, I really respect people that can take ideas or images and do something with them. Adam Turman of Minneapolis is one of those people.

I stumbled on some of his prints a little while back and emailed him to see if I could share them with the readers here at BikeProvo. Not only did he say “Yes” and give BikeProvo the thumbs up he also gave me the ride report from his latest ride. It made me smile to see he is a through and through rider. Below are some of my favorites from his website. I highly recommend heading over there and checking out his stuff. Personally, I am ordering a print tonight for my birthday which is in a few days (its the high wheeler one below.) Thank you again Mr. Turman for letting us use your images and helping us see how much better the world looks with bicycles in it.

(Happy Birthday to me.)

(If anyone knows of local artists doing bicycle art let us know so we can feature them as well and get the word out there.)

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