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Bike-Friendly University Sign Posted at BYU


by Aaron Skabelund

The prominent placement of this sign that I noticed for the first time on my daily ride to work, noting BYU’s designation by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle-Friendly University, on the main entrance road into campus speaks volumes to the university’s increased valuation of bicycling as well as walking (this road no longer serves as a thoroughfare through what is a now much more pedestrian friendly campus) and transit (evidenced by an expanded shuttle system and the administration’s clear support for a robust mass transit system around BYU).

Yes, BYU can do more but it is headed in the right direction thanks strong, forward-thinking leadership and members of the campus community who are concerned about campus and the wider community and the air we all breath. Let’s celebrate these developments and bike, walk, and make sure we create the best transit system possible with the Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project.


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