Bike Provo Meeting Roundup

Bike Provo Meeting Roundup (11/18)

Yesterdays Bike Provo meeting was, as always, productive. We talked about how in a year or so we will be able to apply for a huge grant.

This photo shows us talking about that grant.

As a committee we are also talking about presenting at neighborhood meetings. (Arrangements were arranged and assignments were assigned.)

The neighborhood meetings will be a good way to get in touch with the people who are most involved with their local neighborhoods. If we can explain to the attendees of those meetings what the Bike Committee is trying to do (and why we’re trying to do it) then our reach will be that much longer.

And a new cycling dawn will be ushered in that much sooner.

Off the record, Zac and I may or may not have discussed some sort of modern bike skyway. The future baby, it’s gonna be bright and filled antenna and floating rings around those antenna.

All in all it was a good day.

(P.S. come to Cranksgiving tomorrow!)

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