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Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes for varying applications, personally, my favorite bikes are often the simplest and the ones ridden daily. Commuters can be a multi-thousand dollar rig or a Collective built rescue. Every other week I want to spotlight unique, classy and weird commuters from Utah Valley.
Andrew Ungerman is a cyclist that lets no weather stop him from putting miles under his tires. With one of the coldest winters we have experienced in a while, road conditions have stayed snowy and icy longer than normal. No ordinary bike was going to be able to keep up with Andrew’s pace in such a harsh environment. Fortunately, local bike sage and KSL classified treasure hunter, Vegan Mike, found just the steed to satisfy Andrew’s needs.IMG_20130121_213534

“Is that a Karate Monkey?”

This single mountain bike built on a Giant frame with a Surly fork and a Paul Component chain tensioner, to make the single speed conversion complete, easily conquers any obstacle that the streets of Provo can dish out.IMG_20130121_213824


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