Stolen Bikes

Bike Thefts Still Rising

From Provo PD;

In the last two weeks, twenty-five Provo residents reported that their bicycles were stolen. Though bike thefts have plagued Provo for years, the twenty-five thefts represent a fifty percent increase over the previous two weeks. This summer alone, since May 1st to today’s date, there have been one hundred and forty-four reported cases of bicycle theft in Provo.  To prevent future victims, we are asking the community to be aware of this crime and take the necessary precautions to protect their property.
Prevention tips:
  • Always lock your bicycle if you leave it unattended, even if it is for a short while.
  • Use a high quality bike lock with a heavy chain.
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked, even if you are at home.
  • Keep a record of your bicycle’s serial number in the event you need to report it as lost or stolen.
  • Register your bike with Provo City.
  • Be aware of and report suspicious activity to the police.
Provo Police will be offering free bike registration at the annual National Night OutAgainst Crime event on August 7th from 6-8 p.m. at three different locations–Timp Kiwanis-Bounous Park, Fort Utah Park, and Bicentennial Park. Registering your bike with Provo City tags the bicycle with an additional serial number that is recorded at the Police Department.  If the bicycle is stolen and found, police can identify it and return it to the owner.
“While bicycle thefts may seem to be an insignificant crime in the grand scheme of things, these thefts have an adverse impact on the victim’s quality of life.  We have an aggressive, pro-active strategy aimed at apprehending the criminals responsible for these crimes; however we ask that residents follow these tips to make themselves a hard target.” – Chief Rick Gregory


Please please re-read and continue to share our articles on locking up properly here, here, and here. The more bikes that are stolen the more thieves will try to steal. Help keep all of our bikes safe by locking up properly, and reporting suspicious activity.

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