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Bike week is here!

Welcome all to Bicycle Week here in Provo, UT. We have some really awesome events lined up for this week so let’s cut the chit chat and get straight to the details.

Critical mass. Riga, 1 May 2010
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What: Provo Mayor’s Bike to Work Day

When: Tuesday May 18, 7:30 am

Where: Downtown Provo at the Historic Courthouse on the corner of University Ave. and Center St.

Why: Mayor John Curtis is going to meet up with fellow Provo citizens and go for a bicycle ride to promote riding bicycles to work and to promote cycling as transportation. There is going to be free food, free tune-ups (thanks to Bingham Cycles), and free helmets for the first 50 participants.

This is going to be an awesome event. UTA is going to be there as well as BikeProvo, the Bicycle Committee, and many shops from the area. Catch up with Jamie and she will snap your picture and add you to the cyclist spotlight we have going.

What: Rowley Press and Provo Bicycle Committee Bikebecue.

When: Tuesday May 18, 6pm

Where: The ride is going to start at Rowley Press (39W 200N Provo) and, we are going to ride bicycles to Paul Ream Park.

Why: This is going to be a super fun ride that will involve food, games, and friends. Leland Rowley will provide the Barbecue and some games. We are to provide some food and the desire to ride bikes. It is rumored that there is going to be pedal powered smoothies, spoke cards, free tune-ups (compliments of the Bike Committee) and, bike jousting.

You can look at the last two posts to see all the details and to get a map of were to go if you are going to meet up with the group later.

Stacked (133/365)
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What: Orem Mayor’s Bike to Work Day.

When: Wednesday May 19, 7:30am

Where: City Center Park in Orem (just East of the City Building)

Why: I have three words for you Free Pancake Breakfast. Enough said.

MadDog Cycles will be doing free tune-ups at this event. There will be a lot of awesome cycling stuff happening with this event as well.

What: MadDog Cycles Commuter Breakfast

When: Friday May 21, 7-9am

Where: There are going to be four locations two in Orem and two in Provo. Provo locations; Brigham’s Landing (in the grass) and, in front of Gurus on Center St. Orem locations; 1600N and State St. and, 800S 800N.

Why: They are going to have free food and drinks as well as some SWAG, and gift certificates to local restaurants.

This event from MadDog is going to be awesome. Make sure to have your commute go by one of these booths so you can take advantage of the free stuff and fun.

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What: Provo Bicycle Committee Bike in Movie

When: Friday May 21, 7:45pm (or when it is dark enough).

Where: 341E 300S the house has two Chinese lanterns out in front of it. Just ride to the side of the house the movie will be in the back.

Why: There is going to be free popcorn, and we are going to be watching the movie Breaking Away (classic).

Make sure to bring your bike and a blanket as well as your favorite movie snack. The movie is really good if you like bikes even a little bit.

Not a bad week for the Provo area. Let’s make sure to get out to as many events as we can to show our support of cycling and to make friends with other cyclists. The stronger our community of riders the better we can have our voices heard. If anybody has another event or wants to put something together but not sure how to go about it you can contact BikeProvo. We can advertise and/or help you get your idea into action.

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