Bike Extravaganza is Here!

(Poster done by our very own Ron Jensen.)

We have been talking about it for some time now and, finally it is upon us. Tonight at 6:30pm the Bikestravaganza sets down here in Provo at the Provo library. At the event there are going to be slideshows, short films, and a traveling library all dedicated to bicycles. Best of all the event is free. If you would like (we strongly recommend) you can make a donation at the door.  We are very excited for this event and hope that all of you can make it out. See you tonight.

2 thoughts on “Bike Extravaganza is Here!

  1. This event was great!! A big thanks to Elly and Joe for helping make it happen. We will have a write up with pictures this evening.

  2. Great event! Thanks Zac, Elly, and Joe for the info and encouragement to make Provo a more bike friendly city. It can happen!

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