BikeWalk Provo Responds to Provo City Council Transportation Retreat

Yesterday, Provo City Council met with representatives from UDOT, UTA, and MAG to talk about regional transportation projects. The conversation was productive and our council members showed Provo residents how forward-thinking they are with Provo’s future transportation systems. It’s clear our council wants to shift trips from automobiles to active transportation and public transit.

However, since the council was hearing only from regional entities (which have regional interests in mind; not local) at its transportation retreat, we wanted to make it very clear that Provo should be a safe and welcoming city to live in, not just one to drive through. We sent Provo City Council this letter inviting them to listen not only to presentations from regional government entities, but also local active transportation advocates (BikeWalk Provo), safe routes to school planners, advocates for people with disabilities, micromobility companies, and the thousands of college students who walk to class each day.

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