BikeWalk Provo Stories: we need your stories!

BikeWalk Provo director Mary Wade rides UVX with her kids

BikeWalk Provo is launching a social media campaign to highlight people who walk, bike, roll, or ride transit in Provo–showing the vast diversity of people who use sustainable forms of transportation in Provo.

We’d like to tell the world your story! Please fill out this form so we can share your story.

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  1. Springville, Utah is only 6.2 miles away, south of Provo. Also well known as Art City and the “home to the Springville Museum of Art, Utah’s oldest museum for the visual fine arts.” I’ve taken this ride several times on several different bike routes (paths and lanes). My first stop in Springville is always the beautiful, tree-rich Civic Center Park in the center of town.

    The largest public collection of twentieth-century Russian and Soviet art in the western United States is now on display at the Springville Museum of Art (SMA). The SMA is an art object in its own right, “designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style,” a place where you can wander at will for hours and become lost in a time of the Americas over 100 years ago.

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