#bikewalkprovostories Carlee Reber “With 18 months of carlessness under my belt, I have lots of practice telling the story of what motivated us to take the leap—but I still always miss something because the list is so long! It started as a way to reduce our environmental impact that wouldn’t cost money. After a few rounds of number-crunching, we were thrilled to see that it would help us *save* money! We tuned up our bikes (thanks @provobicyclecollective ^_^) and transitioned to active or public transportation one activity at a time. First was the work commute, then groceries, then visiting our friends and family, and so on. “As we stopped using our car, we experienced how the built-in exercise and time outdoors improved our physical and mental health. Trips took longer, but left us refreshed rather than drained and stressed. We also saw and talked with our neighbors far more frequently, and met some wonderful strangers on train rides! While we expected to be content with the carless lifestyle, we were surprised at how much we consistently enjoy it. Now it’s our normal :) “That’s not to say that it’s perfect or without its challenges. My number one desire is to feel and be safer while on the road. There are creative, brilliant solutions out there and I hope to see them here in Provo in coming years!”

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