#bikewalkprovostories David Cole There are many reasons, I’m sure, why someone would want to pedal a bike in place of driving – economy, parking, and enjoyment are three that stand out. But for David Cole none of the above reasons were a large factor in his decision to take up cycling here in Provo three years ago. He just wanted to get some exercise that would bring him into the outdoors, the outdoors he has always cherished and explored. David’s additionally a member of the City of Provo’s exceptional @provorecreationcenter , where one can pedal machines for hours in the comfort of temperature control and under a weather tight roof. Still, he rather be on a bike in near freezing winter weather and sweltering summer afternoons riding along the multi-use paths that traverse this wonderful city. That says a lot for the sport of cycling. Safe and bike-friendly routes are important to David’s enjoyment of riding around Provo, whether that be a longer trip west to Utah Lake or merely a short jaunt down to Center Street for the evening. And he’s noticing the improvements being made on our city streets here in Provo, many of these improvements in just the last three years!

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