#bikewalkprovostories Lucy & Cosette “About 10 years ago I was going through some hard times and I randomly came across the book “It’s not about the Bike”, and after reading it I went full in into riding bikes. I averaged at least 200 plus miles a week, with training, recreational and transportation rides. I was riding bike centuries every month, rode STP (Seattle to Portland) in one day and I could not be stopped. Due to health issues and injuries (I was also running marathons at the same time) I don’t ride as much but my love for bikes has not changed. I love riding bikes-it make me happy! I can’t help but smile when I see students showing up to school on their bikes. I can’t help but turn my head and enjoy seeing families and individuals riding bikes. I consider myself one of Aaron and Pochi’s groupies (#belikeaaron) and want to advocate and help improve things for bikes and pedestrians in our city. Every chance I get I share the joy of riding bikes with my students at Dixon. My Latinos in Action (LIA) class have organized the “Ride of Silence” for the last 9 years or so because I want them to advocate for bike safety, enjoy a day where they ride a bike and feel like they’re making a difference. I am also a huge fan of public transportation and for the last 4 or 5 yeas, any field trip my LIA students go on we use the frontrunner and UTA to get to it. I often think that riding public transportation is the highlight of their trip and every time, I call that a win.”

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