#BikeWalkProvoStories Shannon Ellsworth “I love walking, running, biking, and hiking, but I don’t always feel safe doing those things. However, my neighborhood doesn’t have great sidewalks and isn’t well connected to the rest of town. In fact, sometimes I drive across town in order to use trails over on the west side. I own a car but owning and maintaining a car isn’t necessary, affordable, or desirable for everybody. Plenty of undergrads can’t afford a car – I couldn’t. Missionaries don’t need cars – I didn’t. Runners, cyclists, and hikers might prefer to get exercise outdoors – I do. Moms might prefer their kids walk to and from school instead of driving them each morning and afternoon. Dads taking kids to the park might prefer to walk and push a stroller. Aging neighbors may not want to drive across town to the grocery store. That’s why we need safe options in every neighborhood, connecting every neighborhood. It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s not just recreation, it’s how we get from point A to point B without endangering lives.”

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