#bikewalkprovostories Stan Morris “Convincing 100% of eligible drivers to use alt-trans 10% of the time may not be possible; but it may be possible to convince just 10% of the same drivers to give up there cars and use alt-trans 100% of the time. This 10% of new alt-trans users may be just enough to make the difference to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and bring attention to others the possibility of doing the same thing. Fourteen years ago, after driving most of my life and not ever once riding a city bus, I made this transition to 100% alternatives to see if I could make a difference. As such, I’ve left others that really do need their vehicle to travel with one less large auto crowding the roads and the air just a tiny bit fresher for everyone. This photo was taken by David Cole while riding from the Duck Pond to Rock Canyon.”

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