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Cargo Bike Go!

We have talked about cargo bikes in the past and how awesome the can be in helping getting your family around. Our friends over at Copenhagenize put up the following video a little while ago on the cargo bike culture in Denmark. Just imagine loading up the kids and riding over to the Provo Town Center Mall to go see a movie. Or picture moving out of your apartment at the end of the semester and loading up boxes in you cargo bike to haul them over to the new place. Me my family and a growing number of Provoites have the Xtracycle and we LOVE it . There is another couple in Orem who have a Bakfiets that they use for hauling around two kids and going to Costco. Basically Cargo Bikes can be a great way to still run all those important errands while getting outside getting connected and getting a little exercise. Click the link to enjoy.

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.



great video. I have yet to ride a bakfiet or cargo bike, but I look forward to it!


They are a lot of fun to ride and not hard to control even though it seems like they would be. Our friend Jenni owns one and she is a pretty petite lady riding around two kids and a week of groceries.

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