The High Cost of Free Parking

Yesterday Donald Shoup (aka Shoup Dogg) came to the Salt Lake Valley to speak about our current parking issues and how we can solve them.

Shoup suggests two main things:

  1. Abolish minimum parking requirements
  2. Charge the right price for parking
He argues that if cities can do these two things, there will be enough parking where people need it; not too little where they want it and too much where it’s not needed.
See this wonderful video to learn more! If you want to get really nerdy, buy his book with the same title.

A Survey of Bike Parking


Bicycle parking is a varied and sometimes evocative creature. Some parking solutions neither amaze or anger, but merely merit a “meh.” Though, in the end the utility and necessity of these small structures should not be understated. I began to think a survey of bike parking structures throughout the world would help us continue to create our own identity.

I wanted to gather a host of images documenting the variety, beauty, failure, and banality of bike parking throughout the world. I have also tried to document the growing variety and ubiquity of bike parking in Provo, though we have a long way to go yet. I hope this post inspires the community to see what could be done to further integrate bicycles into our infrastructure and culture.

Bike Parking Throughout the World

Paris, el VĂ©lib
(c) Fernando Mandujano | Continue reading