Find Out What Provo City Council Candidates Think About Bicycles: Who Will You Vote for Nov. 3rd?

bike-the-voteOne of the best ways to make a difference for safe streets in Provo is to vote for city council candidates who are dedicated to neighborhoods that work for pedestrians and bicyclists. All registered voters in Provo will have a chance to vote for city council candidates on November 3rd, 2015. Not sure about voting? You can find out how to register here. Find your polling place here. And, watch more in-depth candidate videos here.

Huge kuddos to the candidates who responded to our four bicycle survey questions (posted here with a bit more context). Many of the candidates were also able to make it out to October’s Provo Bicycle Committee meeting, where they introduced themselves and saw a bit of what is happening with bikes in Provo. Please check out the survey questions below and share them with your Provo neighbors and friends interested in safer streets.

City-Wide Provo City Council Candidates

Everyone that votes in Provo can vote for one of these candidates, no matter where you live.

George Stewart

Carina Wytiaz

Would you be willing to sponsor or support a “Complete Streets” bill for Provo? I am completely in favor of making Provo and its streets more bicycle friendly but I cannot commit to sponsor or support a bill I have not seen or reviewed. I would be willing to support the concepts you described that would be part of a *Complete Streets” policy. I would. My understanding is that the city is already doing this even without the legislation that requires it. I believe that it makes sense to consider the needs of all types of transportation as we design our infrastructure. That being said, I will always be reasonable about supporting changes. They need to make sense but I believe that more often than not, complete streets are wise investments.
Would you be in favor of including active transportation (infrastructure for biking / walking) as a line item in the city budget? I would be in favor of funding Items that would promote a more bicycle friendly Provo but not knowing what would be in an “Active Transportation” line item I cannot comment on that issue. I am in favor of including active transportation as a line item in the city budget. That does not mean that I am in favor of increasing the budget, but I would support moving funds from other transportation line items to a line item that supports active transportation. For example, I would take a hard look at the Utility Transportation Fund to see if it makes sense to reprogram some of those dollars to a line item for active transportation.
If you are elected, what can Provo bicycle advocates (including the Provo Bicycle Committee, the Provo Bicycle Collective, and bicyclists across the city) do to best help you jump in and feel confident in joining the ongoing discussion about making Provo more bicycle-friendly? As stated above I am in favor of making Provo more bicycle friendly and would be willing to join any discussion or help any group that would help achieve that goal. I love everything that is happening in Provo. I am running to keep the momentum that we have going. I love that we have a group of people in Provo who care so passionately about making it better and I consider myself one of those people. I can’t know everything, so I depend on citizens telling me what they find important. As a city-wide candidate, my job is to represent all the people of Provo so I am committed to listening with an open mind. What will be most helpful to me is if you and the other members of the community take me up on that. Tell me what you want to see in Provo. Share your great ideas with me. Let’s work together to keep things moving in the right direction.
Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about you and your experiences or positions related to bicycling? As I told you while attending your meeting, my complete mobility as a youth and young teenager depended on my bicycle as my Mother did not drive and my Father traveled in his work as an attorney for the Veterans Adm. I also was a bicycle newspaper carrier. I’m committed to foresight in transportation, and that includes planning for a city that is friendly to more transportation alternatives, like bicycles. I’ve lived in different areas of the world, including in several European countries, where bicycles are more commonly used for every day errands. If we can plan now for a city that embraces bicycling through planning and commitment, it will mean better air, healthier transport, and options as we significantly grow our population.

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Don’t Forget to Vote in the Provo Election Tomorrow!

Vote Here Today Sign 11-3-09Tomorrow, November 8, is election day for Provo. Whatever district you live in, you have the chance to vote for bike-friendly Provo city council candidates (see this guide) who will help make the streets safer for riding and walking.

Everyone can vote in the city-wide race. If you live in one of the districts with an area-specific election, you can also vote in that race.

Your vote will make a huge difference for Provo. Please make sure to cast your ballot tomorrow and remind your friends and family members to vote too!

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Provo City Council Election Guide 2011 – Candidates Share Their Views on Making Provo a Bicycle-Friendly City

Don’t forget to vote in the Provo primary election on September 13, 2011 and the Provo general city council election on November 8, 2011. You can find election information on the Provo city website.

Next year, Provo will have four new city council members. Your vote for a bicycle-friendly candidate could mean more bicycle lanes, racks, and a better city for families that walk and ride their bikes.

We’ve asked the city council candidates for their views on bicycle infrastructure and safety in Provo. You can find their responses by clicking the links for each district. Don’t know what district you’re in? Find out by entering your address here.

Citywide Candidates (see all city-wide answers here)

District 1 Candidates (see all district 1 answers here)

District 4 Candidates (see all district 4 answers here)

District 3 Candidates

  • Hall Miller – No response.
  • James E. Kallbacka – No response.
  • Richard Wood – No response.
  • Glen K. Thurston – Responded but did not answer questions.

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Provo Election 2011: Vote Bike-Friendly in This November’s City Council Elections

That's an orderProvo residents have the chance to create a more bike-friendly Provo by voting in the 2011 city council elections. If you are interested in running for election or know a bike-friendly neighbor that would be a good representative, you may file to run between today and July 15th.

There are four city council seats up for election this year, which means that the nature of the 7-person council will be dramatically changed based on who the people choose to elect. A new Provo municipal council could mean a group of representatives that work tirelessly to make our city safe and friendly for families that ride their bikes and walk. Our downtown could thrive with students that cycle to restaurants and don’t even need a parking spot because they choose not to bring a car to college (since it’s so much more convenient and cost-effective to ride). Or, the new group could be unmotivated and uninspired to even consider how bicycle and pedestrian issues affect our city’s economy and quality of life.

The transportation decisions made by this new council may have an almost immediate impact on the city – new bike lanes (or the lack of them), improved trails (or deterioration), improved sidewalks (or unsightly decay), and safer crosswalks (or fading lines). Then, later, their decisions will affect generations of families that bike our roads and walk our sidewalks.

Please consider educating yourself on the issues and becoming involved in the 2011 Provo Municipal Council elections, whether that means volunteering for a candidate, telling them how much your value a bike-friendly Provo, donating to those that you believe will help improve our city, or even running yourself. Keep visiting BikeProvo for more election information; we’ll try to keep you updated as the race gets underway.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Iain Farrell