Chloe King #bikewalkprovostories E-Longboarding has arrived and is today quickly populating the streets of Provo, Utah.  Chloe King is one such active longboarder who has powered up a four-wheeler with innovative, electric technology to advance her reach and speed.  “Four or five years ago” Chloe began using a longboard as her sole means of transportation in Provo, after spending the prior year riding a board with friends in Chicago.  Chicago streets might sound a bit intimidating to us, but Chloe’s experience with learning to ride her Dad’s skateboards while growing up gave her all the confidence she needed.  “He bought some skateboards and let me and my sisters use them.”  This year Chloe decided to check out electric skateboards (still active transportation), as one of her Chicago friends had mentioned that he had recently bought an e-board.  It was just one of those routine days, Chloe had told her roommates that she was on her way to the grocery store to buy some bread.  On her way to the market she happened to stop off at Board of Provo, 465 N. University Ave., specialty Pro Snow and Skate Shop, to take a quick look at possibilities; she came back home that same day surprising her roommates with the purchase of a new Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard.  Consequently, Chloe named her new e-longboard “Bread,” although I never did find out if she actually made it back home with the aforementioned food product. (Continued in comments)…

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