Cole Tribulski #bikewalkprovostories On theme social rides with the Provo Bicycle Collective I’ve met a number of the nonprofit’s talented volunteers and employees, one of them being Cole Tribulski. Arriving punctually for our interview the BYU Junior pulled up easily on his classic Motobecane Grand Record, a bike he knows well and keeps in top shape with the help of the Collective’s facility and his own past experience of working as a trained bike mechanic. But this wasn’t always the case: In 2017 Cole was in need of finding more dependable transportation, “because my brother got his driver’s licence” and now they would both have to share a single family car. Two teenagers involved with their own school activities and friends are rarely going in the same direction. He soon “was influenced by Stage 2 Cyclery” in Murrieta, California to take up cycling as an alternative means of transportation and became employed by the local shop as a mechanic. Cole learned of the Provo Bicycle Collective three years ago while living in Salt Lake City, where another of the parent Bicycle Collective’s four existing locations is located. When he moved to Provo in June of 2021 to attend BYU Cole began riding his Motobecane to campus, and because he needed a shop to work on his bike from time to time, he joined the Provo location at 397 E 200 N to work a couple of days per week as a volunteer. He’s now an employee, recently hired as a bike mechanic. Cole tells me he pedals across town from the North Park Neighborhood, where he’s living, to campus four days a week and rarely if ever uses his pickup truck for anything anymore, unless “the weather is so bad or so cold.” Commuting in the rain, snow and cold here in Provo are challenges to Cole that he enjoys “because it can be fun and [he] enjoys the option.” When the sun is shining, there’s no question as to whether riding or driving is the more enjoyable option. “I have so much more fun [riding] than driving a car, which has a certain amount of underlying stress, and I get to see more of the city, taking in more of the city and feeling more connected without all the distractions of a car. (Continued in comments…)

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