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Committee Meeting & Ride for Bike Racks

Don’t miss the Provo Bicycle Committee meeting and bike ride this Thursday (5:00 p.m. in front of the City Center Building – 351 W. Center St.)

Here’s the inside scoop from the Facebook Event:

This week will be a little different than normal. We are going to meet in front of the city building off of Center St. at 5pm, overview some stuff, and then go on a fact finding bicycle ride. The city is interested in putting in some bicycle racks around the downtown area and would like us to help with their placement. As a result we will ride around the downtown area and mark areas of interest on a map which we will then make available to the city. We have information on businesses who are interested so all you need to bring is your bicycle. The weather may not fully cooperate so bring some rain gear if you are concerned (if it is really bad we will adjust our plans there). I hope to see you all out for a night of bicycle riding and planing.

Sounds like a blast and a great way to get some much-needed bike racks downtown. See you Thursday!

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