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Council Meeting a Success!

(A very small showing of all who attended.)

A big thanks to everyone who came out to tonight’s meeting. In short the bike plan PASSED! This is a great step for Provo and the citizens of Provo having safer and more accessible streets. As the caption says the picture above is a very small showing of all the people that were at the meeting, these are just the people we could grab to snap a picture real quick.

For those of you who were unable to make the meeting here is a quick break down. We were not sure if this plan was going to pass or not. The council was showing strong support in public but, based on a few transportation meetings we were not a 100% on how things would go. After a presentation from the Bicycle Committee and some other official City business the floor was opened to everyone else and that is when the cyclists of Provo really shined.

I did not get names of every presenter but almost every cyclist in Provo was represented by a different speaker. There was: a mom, a student, someone representing tech businesses, and some one representing normal buisness, a kind older gentlemen who shared his concerns for user safety, and many other concerned citizens. As a cycling community we owe these people a giant thank you for their amazing contribution and letting the council see that cyclists are out there and that we come from varied backgrounds. After the comments were made the Council spoke on another point or two concerning other parts of the general plan and then passed the plan unanimously.

On top of thanking the cyclists that spoke up we also need to thank the Council for their support. Not one of them spoke ill of the bicycle plan at the meeting and all seemed to be in favor of it. We do owe a special thanks to Sterling Beck for helping get this plan to the Councils attention and nursing it along to this point. So, thank you Mr. Beck and, thank you everyone who helped make this a success.

I recommend everyone jump in their trusty steed sometime this week and go celebrate. There is still a lot of work ahead but, we should take a moment to celebrate the potential this plan brings to our great city.

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