Cyclist Down *UPDATE*

*There will be a memorial ride for Cathi this Saturday (June 16th). Cathi’s Ride will begin at 9 a.m. at the LDS Church building on 12200 S. 3200 W. Family/friends will complete the 30 mile ride that Cathi started the day of her accident. They have opened the ride to anyone who would like to come out and show their support. If you can make it please go and show your support.* Thanks SaltCycle

This type of news always breaks my heart. Saturday morning Cathi Turner was out for a ride with her friend on Redwood Road and 10400 North near Camp Williams. Nine miles into the ride it appears that Cathi clipped a road sign that was in the bike lane (legally), crashed, and passed away a few hours later due to the injuries she sustained. Cathi was wearing a helmet and following all traffic laws. Officials are looking into the incident to determine if the sign was secured correctly or not. Our hearts go out to Cathi’s family. If more develops from the story we will keep you updated. (More info here).


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