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Edgemont Bike Bake Sale Raises Funds for Two New Racks

Congratulations to Edgemont Elementary students and parents! Their bake sale last weekend raised enough money for TWO new bike racks instead of just one. They report:

On Saturday, September 10, several Edgemont Elementary students ran a bake sale to raise money for a bike rack. A huge thank you to these students and their parents whose enthusiasm, yummy contributions, and sweet teeth earned over $500! Now, bike to school for a healthy way to burn those extra calories, and keep your eyes peeled for a place to park those wheels on the south side of Edgemont Elementary.

Sharlene Goodliffe, a concerned parent, wanted to have a bike rack in the back of Edgemont for the children traveling to school from the south. She contacted Principal Dennis Pratt if that would be possible. He said they could move one but money would be needed to have another. So Sharlene sought donations for a bake sale to help raise money. With the help of kids and parents they raised over $500 for new bike racks.

Way to go Edgemont!! We need to replicate this all over Provo, and have every week be bike to school week.

Thanks also to everyone that went out and bought some goodies to support the cause, especially the blog readers that rode up to support a more bike-friendly school after seeing a post about it.

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  1. I was just at this school this morning doing free tune-ups and by the time the bell rang there was not a single space open for bicycles I would say there was well over 100 kids that rode. Go Edgemont Elementary! Also, what a great example to the rest of our schools and businesses.

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