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Essential Open House Tomorrow, Tuseday (11/29)

Remember that survey that we all went and took a week or two ago? Well now it is time for the second part of that survey the public open house. Alta Planning (who is using the $130,000 the Committee helped round up), is holding its first public involvement open house which, will be held at the Provo Library this Tuesday (11/29) from 4:30pm-7pm with important presentations at 5pm and 6pm. The idea for the big time spread is not to keep you in a meeting for three and a half hours, but to allow you to drop in and out as needed. As I mentioned last time this plan is going to be based largely on public feedback; this is to the point that the planners are going to be handing you a marker and a map and having you draw in where you would like to see bike lanes and facilities! Pretty much this is a one time opportunity. While Alta will hold more meetings which will be just as important as this one this meeting is a huge opportunity for all of us not only as riders but as citizens and community members in our wonderful little city to make a direct difference. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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