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Federal Highway Administration: Use Funds for Separated Bike Lanes, Road Diets, Narrow Roads, Curb Extensions, and More

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The Federal Highway Administration recently released a game-changing document addressing some common misconceptions and / or excuses that keep communities from building bike infrastructure. Here are a few of the myths I found most interesting:

Myth: The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is the only Federal funding source for pedestrian and bicycle projects.

Myth: Federal transportation funds cannot be used to enhance the local roadway network.

Myth: Separated bike lanes cannot be built with Federal funds.

Myth: Federal funds can’t be used for road diets.

Myth: The only design standard that can be used on Federal-aid highway projects is the AASHTO A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book).

Myth: Lane widths cannot drop below 11′ on the NHS and 9′ when Federal funds are used on local roads.

Myth: Curb extensions, trees, and roundabouts cannot be used on the NHS.

Myth: Bicycle and pedestrian projects must be within the existing Right of Way (ROW) to be eligible for a Categorical Exclusion.

Check out the full document here.

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