Re-Imagine Timpview Drive Demonstration Project

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Timpview Drive is one of the best public streets in Provo. It is used not only by motorists, but by many moms and dads pushing jogging strollers, kids walking, scooting and biking to school, runners running, bikers biking, and families and neighbors out for a walk, all using this invaluable public space.

Timpview Drive, like many public streets in Provo, can be so much better–and safer and welcoming–for all the existing users and more.

Community members, Provo City, BikeWalk Provo, and Bike Utah came together to create a pop up project to test out ideas to make the street safer and more comfortable for everyone. Using low cost supplies, we are able to â€˜prototype’ what a more family friendly street might look and feel like before investing in permanent infrastructure. This allows residents to give input throughout the process and changes to be easily and cheaply made.

Project components

Bulb-outs: A traffic-calming measure which extends the sidewalk. Bulb-outs reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and increase their visibility.

Parking Protected Bike Lanes: A traffic-calming method for physically protecting people on bikes from passing traffic while still allowing for roadside automobile parking.

Roundabout: An intersection design that decreases automobile speeds and improves traffic flow.

Child Friendly Intersection: A traffic-calming design which increases safety and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists by separating different types of transportation users and increasing their visibility.

Landscape Protected Bike Lanes: Traffic-calming method for physically protecting people on bikes from passing traffic. Also helps prevent â€˜doorings’ and increases cyclist safety. Also improves street aesthetics.

Street Greenery: Increases aesthetic value and comfort of people walking and biking. Street greenery may also increase overall street safety.

Provide Feedback on the Demonstration Designs

Photo by Harrison Epstein, Daily Herald

Visit Timpview Drive. Take the Survey. Win Prizes!

Stop by the Timpview Drive Demonstration Project to take the survey and be entered to win prizes! Provo City is collecting data on peoples’ perceptions of the demonstration techniques. Make sure your voice and preferences are heard by visiting Timpview Drive and scanning the QR code (found on the informational signs) to take the quick survey.

By taking the survey, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes donated by Modern Shoe and Gary’s Bikes!

4 – $50 gift certificates to Modern Shoe

4 – $50 gift certificates to Gary’s Bikes

PLUS – anyone who takes the survey will receive $10 off any regular purchase of $100 or more. Survey takers will receive this $10 off any regular purchase of $100 discount via email once the survey is closed (end of May or early June).

In the News

Temporary safety features installed on Timpview Drive” By Harrison Epstein, Daily Herald. May 9, 2022

Father helps bring changes to Timpview Drive to protect kids” By Matt Rascon, KSLTV. May 9, 2022

Service Project and BBQ on Friday, May 6th at 6pm, Rock Canyon Elementary

Please join us and your neighbors Friday, May 6, starting at 6 pm, with the full support of the city, as we implement temporary changes to Timpview Drive from 2320 N (the Rock Canyon Elementary intersection) north to 2780 North to make the street safer for everyone. 

Supplies will be provided, but please wear bright or reflective clothing if you have it. 

We will implement a number of design demonstrations to the street that will make the street safer for school kids walking, biking, and scooting to school, as well as everyone else using this road for more than just automobile movement. The project will also help automobile traffic flow more calmly, smoothly, and safely. 

The demonstrations include a child-friendly intersection, a street mural, bulb-outs, protected bike lanes, and a roundabout. Please come prepared to have fun and make a difference. 

Following the service project, volunteers will be treated to a barbecue. PLEASE RSVP so we can get an idea of how much food to prepare for the BBQ and how many worker bees we will have to execute these changes. Everyone is welcome and we hope that many families living in the surrounding neighborhoods will join us. 

Join us as we help Provo re-imagine how much better its most plentiful public spaces–its streets–could be. 

Celebration on Saturday, May 7th from 7pm-8:30pm, Rock Canyon Elementary

On Saturday, May 7th at 7pm we will host a public event to introduce the project to elected officials and the general public. We will have treats, a project tour, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Please see separate Facebook event for more information.