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Get To Know Your Local Wrench Pt. 2

Wrench: 1. A tool that is used to tighten a variety of bolts and/or nuts

2. The awesome guy or gal who works at your local bike shop and fixes your bike with tender love and care (even when it is in sad condition).

We will be focusing on definition number two. With Bike Month upon us and a whole slew of events on the way next week (click here) we figured it would be a good idea if we all got to know a little more about our local shops and local bike techs. This installment we are going to have a little chat with the one and only Racer Gibson of Racer’s Cycles Service.

BikeProvo: What is your favorite bicycle right now and, what type of riding are you doing mostly?

Racer: I am currently riding my Surly Big Dummy a lot.

BP: That is awesome! That is probably one of my favorite bikes. What are you using it for commuting or, cargo hauling?

R: Actually, I use it for dry land training with my sled dogs. It works really great with them pulling and me steering.

BP: (Laughs) That is one awesome use for the BigDummy I have never thought of. Alright, next question. What is your favorite part of riding in our wonderful little city?

R: I like that there is not a lot of traffic and that we have a lot of potential for connectivity in our bicycle lanes and trails. I also really like the support that the city and local businesses are making in the downtown area. It is just about to the point that you can get what ever you need right here in downtown Provo. Which is great because then all you need to get around with is a bicycle.

BP: I couldn’t agree more. If you had one tip for the riders of Provo what would it be?

R: Keep your bike and drivetrain clean, and make sure to lube your chain from time to time. This will help keep your bike from wearing out and keep things running smoothly.

BP: (Jokingly) So, you should always use WD-40 right?

R: (Laughs) No. Do not use WD-40 on your bike it is not a lube and makes things worst as opposed to better.

BP: Now comes the hard question. What is your favorite riding memory/experience?

R: Well, I grew up in Murray and when me and my buddies were about 13 years old we decided to go bike camping. We loaded up our 10 speed Schwinns with panniers and packed just about everything you would need for a week of camping (this was a one night trip). Once we were well over packed we started our epic 12 mile tour on Redwood Road. It was not as big or as busy as it is now but, it still did not have a shoulder so it was a pretty crazy ride.

BP: That sounds like a blast!

R: (Laughs) Yeah, we had a great time.

A big thanks to Racer and Racer’s Cycles for giving us some time and sharing some stories. Racer’s has been a great supporter of the Provo Bicycle Committee and of local bicycle issues. Namely they made it possible for a group from Portland to come last year and speak with us hear in Provo about bicycle lanes, rights and, advocacy (you can see the post hear). You can find Racer’s Tune-up and service information below.

Basic Tune: $45. This includes smoothing out the shifting, tightening up the brakes, lubing up the chain and gears. as well as a basic cleaning of the bike.

Racer’s Tune: $90. If you want to make sure that your ride is purring for an upcoming race or Bike Week event then this is the option for you. This option assures that Racer personally tunes your bike and goes over it with a fine tooth comb.

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