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Happy Valley Bike Fashion Show

I just recently stumbled across this incredible could be event and want to make sure that everyone knows about it. Nick Moore (who I have heard is doing better thanks to your help) and, what looks to be a bunch of other rad guys, are putting together a night of bicycles, movies, fashion, and fun. Here is the official lowdown from the event, followed by one of the best ideas I have ever heard:

Basically, the goal is to bring your dope bike, sit on it and watch life cycles. The date isn’t set in stone, hopefully we can do it at demon…or possibly uvu. Brian Washburn and I were talking about it…just trying to see if there’s interest

From John Washburn

‎’could happen at Raintree… Dirt Jumps, Ramps “fezzari” We would just need power, a sheet and projector. I think a local party will bring more of a casual audience, i.e. girls (which are always scarce at these parties). BikeFest in ways. We could have fixie games, Bike polo, High jumping contests. Game of “bike” at the jumps. Sidehack races!!! kiddie bike races. Fastest tube changer contest. Makeshift foampit. Awards could be fun. I know, too much jabber. St pattys party last year was amazing, Just saying- It could be bigger!

Bike polo! High jumps! Sidehack races! This sounds like a dream. Even if you do not want to do any of these things you have to admit that they would be fun to watch. To make sure this happens go to this Facebook page and sign up. It looks like the whole thing will be put on by Demon Dirt which is a great company who really does care about the bike. Make sure to swing over and check them out, I particularly like the Penny Farthing shirt. I will be crossing my fingers and, working on a sidehack, for the next month or so in hopes that this happens.

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