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There have been some pretty cool videos running around the Intraweb lately so we decided to throw a few of them together for you here. Enjoy.

First off we have the amazing smooth riding of Danny Macaskill. This video has it all cineomotography, good music, and gravity defying  riding.

Next on the docket is something for all you Polo riders. Now if only I could play half this good. The song in the video may no be for everyone so, if you are not into rap open a new window and play this song while you watch.

These Chicks Bad from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

I have mixed feelings with this next video. It is really beautiful and nice and seems to be saying that riding a bike is better than driving. However it may fall a little short of its goal. Enjoy this video and check the next one for comparison.

Two Mornings from Sierra Club National on Vimeo.

Now, this video from New Belgium Brewing gets the whole bicycle commuter/car commuter dichotomy a little more accurate. At least this portrays the difference between the way I feel when I bike my drive.

Last but definitely not least is an awesome classic that has been making the rounds lately. This is a great old video about the Tour De France before super fancy bikes, and race radios, and VO2 max.

Now that you have seen skills, beauty, and speed. Get in your respective saddles and go for a ride. What good is making a video about riding if all it does is makes us not ride. See you out there.

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  1. Love the vintage Tour footage…maybe the next alley cat should incorporate the looting of cafes, that would really persuade the community to embrace cycling?

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