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Help Orem Become Better For Bikes.

Over the last year or so Orem has been working on getting a Bicycle and Pedestrian plan passed with the city as well as an extensive network of trails and lanes for pedestrians and bicycles. I have personally been to many of the meetings held by Orem and have been impressed with their vision and commitment. We just received an email from Brad Woods one of the main people who has been influencing this movement for many years now. In the email it had a link to the project website. It turns out that Orem is getting ready to vote on the Bicycle and Pedestrian plan and needs public feedback. If you have time get on there and make comments to help Orem in their goal to better accommodate all users of the road. Here is the link and here is an excerpt from the study.

In January we had a Public Charrette where over 100 citizens provided survey information about where they walk and bike now – and where they would like to walk and bike if there were additional bike and pedestrian improvements.  This was followed up with a web survey where we gathered information from approximately 800 people.  We have used this extensive public input – and information gleaned from successful walk/bike communities - to develop a Draft Master Plan.  Now we are seeking feedback on the Draft Plan. Please take time to review the information and provide feedback and comments so that we can finalize the Master Plan over the next few months.  The more involvement and participation that we have will help us in developing the best Master Plan possible.

Looking good Orem. I hope this is a wake up call to Provo to see that this is the way that happy/healthy communities are headed. We will keep you all updated on what Orem will be doing and how the plan is going to take place. Thanks Brad for the tip.

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