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Help the Provo Bicycle Collective Move Into This Rad New Building


Tuesday night (June 7th), the Provo City Council will decide if the Provo Bicycle Collective is able to use this incredible space in the Joaquin neighborhood as their new headquarters. For many years, this space that was once a neighborhood grocery market has been an empty eyesore. The Planning Commission already gave unanimous consent… now a lot of big plans look like they’re about to be reality. You can help by showing up at the council meeting, voicing your support, and lending a hand with the move. Check out the details from Provo Bicycle Collective Director Austin Taylor below:

Everything You Need to Know about the Big Move:

It’s been a long time coming… We are so excited to move into this beautiful new building! Our new shop is located in a more bicycle-oriented neighborhood and about three times the size of our current location. So moving in would mean more space to work on your bikes, more people buying and receiving bikes and many more cyclists in Provo. Basically it will save the world.

Tomorrow is the day. The City Council Meeting starts at 5:30pm at 351w Center Street in Provo. We are item #11 on the agenda, and you never know how slowly or quickly decisions are made, so showing up at 6pm could be a safe bet.
We need as many of you as possible to raise your voice in support of this move! A supportive public means more likelihood of the zoning amendment required for us to set up shop.

When they say yes, the landlord will give us the key on the spot and we will immediately turn volunteer night (tomorrow) into a huge semi-organized grassroots move.

BRING TRUCKS. BRING TRAILERS. BRING CARGO BIKES. Whatever you have that can transport large items will be greatly needed. We will be shuttling things from 49n 1100w to 397e 200n from 7pm to 10pm (normal volunteer night hours). I’m gonna see what kind of snacks I can get us.


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